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Prices and the availability of books listed on this site are subject to change. The Bookstore reserves the right to substitute new or used books, so be aware that your online sales total is only an estimate. The final total will be reflected on the receipt you receive with your shipment.

You may use this site simply to check book prices, just do not add them to a basket or check out. Orders completed here WILL be processed for shipment, and normally should arrive within 2 to 4 business days. To ensure you have books by the first day of class, you may need to travel to our Bookstore.

In order to select the correct books, you will need your class schedule listing the course and section numbers. (This information will also be required to get your books at the Bookstore.) For each class, simply select the Term, Department, Course, and Section to see a list of the required and optional texts and materials as specified by your instructor.

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